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LCTairsoft (www.lctairsoft.com)

LCT AirsoftLCT airsoft offers you very high quality products. They design and produce a wide gamma of airsoft weapons and external and internal parts.

LCTairsoft is world-wide known by making a high-quality full steel replica's of Russian weapons, like AK platform and VSS/AS Val platform. They also produce replica's of M4 platform and limited series of M60 machine gun. Except the replica's, LCTairsoft provides you with replica kits and other external parts, that allow you to configure your airsoft gun to your own needs and to use the internals of your own choice from other brands or to chose any of the internals of thier own manufacture.

GATE Electronics (www.gatee.eu)

GATE electronics offers you new, innovative products using the latest technologies. They design and produce a wide gamma of specialized electronic systems, like mosfets and programmable mosfets.

Why should you use a MOSFET? If you are using Lithium-based batteries, like LiPo and LiFePO4, your electrical trigger group is exposed to high currents, that can damage you contact group/microswitch. MOSFET acts as a new, electronic switch that uses a signal from the old mechanical switch to divert the current down a new path where there is no possibility of arcing. As a bonus, installing a MOSFET often ends up improving the overall efficiency of your AEG's electrical system in several ways. It can serve to absorb voltage spikes that can be potentially damaging to your motor and battery, and a new MOSFET normally comes with new, thicker wiring that is of much higher quality than the stock wiring; thus the overall resistance is reduced which often results in less heat and stress, and ultimately a higher RoF. There are also other reasons why one might want a MOSFET such as cool features like 3-round burst, LiPO protection, built-in poly fuses, RoF control and others that come with some of the advanced computerized 'FETs that are available these days.