13 November 2016

LCTairsoft PP-19-01 "Vityaz-SN" AEG. Last pieces in stock! Only 2 left!

Take a look in our catalog HERE!

LCTairsoft PP1901

25 March 2016

New delivery of LCTairsoft AEGs, parts and magazines. Everything was presented during the Militaria and Weapons Show in Ostend. Catalogue updates are in progress.

LCTairsoft on WapenBeurs

5 December 2015

PROMO! 5% discount on all AEGs in stock! This offer is valid until 24 December 2015 on the AEGs in stock only! Pre-orders are welcome too!

LCTairsoft SR3

31 October 2015

New reviews of LCTairsoft SR3 "Vikhr" and PP-19-01 "Vityaz" are added to the galleries.

23 October 2015

The weapon license is finally delivered!

From now on - all LCTairsoft products, including AEGs and kits, are available on pre-order, and the most popular products - directly from stock (starting from the next week).

And to give it a bit more glance, Real Sword AK and SVD product lines will also be available on request soon!

11 June 2015

New review of RetroArms CNC gearbox v.III is added to the galleries.

RetroArms gearbox

27 May 2015

New review of LCTairsoft SR-3M AEG is added to the galleries.

LCTairsoft SR-3M