Russky Airsoft Workshop is a small business started in Belgium by a Russian airsoft player.

Our mission is to promote the Russian movement in airsoft in Belgium and surrounding countries, as there is a growing community of players interested in Russian theme in Europe. We are always at your service to give you a good advice, to help you to choose and order your airsoft weapon, airsoft gear and accessoires and to customize your kit.

Airsoft Team

Of course, we play this game! With a close group of friends from different ex-USSR respublics, like Russian Federation, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, we have decided to start a team, that is actually a bit more than just a team. We would like to unite all airsoft players, who are interested in the Soviet and modern Russian theme, in an alliance of different teams. So, we called it B.A.R.S. - "Belgian Alliance of Russian Squads". We would like to reach out of the borders and grow further.
We do not do any political statemens. We do not build walls between people. We love this game, and we play this game!